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Still Under Construction!

under constuction


We have a new video up on our YouTube channel. I’ll be writing a post about it later today. For right now though, feel free to check it out.

Legends of Game Genie – X-Men for Sega Genesis


Altered Table of Content sections so that they work when users are not logged in.

Added social media share buttons to posts.

Made the latest posts a “feature” on the front page.


Oh man! I’ve been wanting to write this story for a while now, Mastering Out Run on Genesis: How to be the Best – Gamesboro

News, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy updated. Added Table of Contents for all 3.


Getting close to being feature complete. At that point I’ll be removing the Under Construction sign. I’m thinking about adding a forum, but in the era of Reddit I just don’t know if anybody cares about having a forum on a website any longer.

Also, you can now create accounts\log in\log out using a google account. I may add other methods to log in similar to this in the future such as discord or twitch accounts. Drop me a line on the Contact Us page and let me know what you think.

New article about Playstation 5 headsets went up today!


Posted a couple more articles over the last few days. Made sure that users can log into the site to respond to posts and in the future I’ll probably add a forum of some kind. Removed WordPress branding from site.


So here we are. The day after my birthday. Just cleaning up a little around here. We already have a couple of articles up on the front page as kind of test content. One about Gamesboro Radio, and one about the history of GI Joe video games. Tons more to come, so keep an eye out!