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Hori Split Pad Pro: Still the Best Joy-Con Alternative

    Choosing the right controller can make all the difference in your gaming experience. Enter the Hori Split Pad Pro: a controller designed to give the Joy-Con a run for its money. Let’s dive into why this innovative piece of hardware may just be the best thing you ever bought for your Switch.

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    Introducing the Hori Split Pad Pro: First Impressions

    The Hori Split Pad Pro isn’t just another third-party controller vying for your attention; it’s a thoughtful creation aimed at solving some of the most common complaints about the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons. From the moment you unbox it, the Split Pad Pro stands out with its larger size and ergonomic design.

    Upon first glance, the Split Pad Pro commands a sense of presence that the petite Joy-Cons simply don’t. Its thicker grips scream comfort, inviting you to pick it up and lose yourself in another world. Not just a pretty face, this controller is large, ready to withstand the intensity of your wildest gaming sessions.

    This initial impression sets the stage for what the Split Pad Pro is all about: making your gaming as comfortable as possible.

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    Comfort and Ergonomics: A Spa Day for Your Hands

    No more cramped claws or numb digits! The Hori Split Pad Pro excels in delivering comfort like no other. With contours that feel tailor-made for human hands, this controller makes marathon gaming sessions feel more like a spa day than a workout for your phalanges.

    The chunky grips are a revelation, offering sturdiness that the slim Joy-Cons could only dream of. Forget finger fatigue; playing with the Split Pad Pro feels as relaxed as lounging in a leather recliner. Your thumbs will thank you for the larger analog sticks, which provide the kind of precision control that’s essential for high-stakes gaming.

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    Buttons and Functionality: Precision in Every Press

    Let’s talk buttons. When it comes to functionality, the Hori Split Pad Pro doesn’t disappoint. Each button offers just the right amount of tactile feedback, making sure that your commands are executed with laser-like precision. Missed actions are a thing of the past with this bad boy.

    Among its standout features is the inclusion of a proper D-pad, a much-needed upgrade for any serious gamer. Precision matters, especially in 2D platformers and fighting games, and this controller delivers it in spades. The extra remappable rear buttons and turbo function add to its versatile nature, handling even the trickiest in-game actions effortlessly.

    Despite these enhancements, the Split Pad Pro does make some sacrifices. You’ll miss out on HD rumble, motion controls, and amiibo NFC support. However, if comfort and precision take precedence over these extras, then you’re in for a treat.

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    Connectivity and Compatibility: Strengths and Limitations

    While the Split Pad Pro shines in comfort and functionality, it does come with its own set of limitations. First and foremost, it’s designed exclusively for handheld mode. No wireless connectivity means you’re tethered to the Switch while you play. The controller doesn’t have it’s own battery, so it will leach the power of the system.  I haven’t noticed a sever drop in play time, but it is something to watch out for.  While its nice having traditional controls, the plastic feels a little cheap in comparison to Nintendo’s offering.

    What it lacks in freedom, it makes up for in reliability. Forget frustrating input lag or mysterious connection drops. With the Split Pad Pro, your commands are registered promptly, making for a smooth, seamless gaming experience. This setup ensures that you’re always in control, with no unexpected surprise disconnects.

    Compatibility-wise, the Split Pad Pro is fit for regular Nintendo Switch models but not the Switch Lite. Additionally, an optional attachment allows you to use it in docked mode, though it remains wired. If you can live with these limitations, the Split Pad Pro offers a compelling argument for its place in your gaming arsenal.

    Is the Hori Split Pad Pro worth it? If you value comfort, precision, and an overall enhanced gaming experience, this controller stands as a worthy investment. While it does sacrifice some of the bells and whistles of the original Joy-Cons, it compensates with unparalleled ergonomics and reliable performance. Treat your hands, and your gameplay, to the luxury of the Split Pad Pro. Your thumbs will thank you!

    Hori Switch Pad Pro – Official Site

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