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Legends of Game Genie – Super Mario Land 2

    Have you ever wanted to take your Super Mario Land 2 experience to the next level with some amazing Game Genie codes? Hold onto your mustaches because we’ve got the ultimate Game Genie codes that’ll make your adventure even more thrilling! From soaring like a lunar astronaut to outliving every Goomba, get ready to turn Mario into a Game Boy god. Let’s dive into the most fun and quirky cheats you can use to romp through this classic game.

    Super Mario Land 2 for Game Boy box art

    Moon Jump Mario: Rising to New Heights!

    Let’s start with the pièce de résistance of Game Genie codes: the Moon Jump. With this cheat, you can hold down the jump button to ascend endlessly, defying gravity and common sense. Let go, and gravity takes over, but if you tap the button again, you’re back in the air like a yo-yo on a mission. This code isn’t just an easy ride; it’s a whole new way to experience the game, giving you the freedom to explore every nook and cranny.

    Why is this code the cream of the crop? Well, imagine Mario as a fire-breathing dragon, targeting enemies from the skies. With the Moon Jump, every stage turns into your personal playground, and you’ll find yourself using the height advantage to snipe enemies or skip over pesky obstacles. Just be aware that if you ascend too high at the start of some levels, the game might act a bit wonky—think pipe-entry animations gone rogue. No breakage, just bizarre fun!

    Combine this with the Fire Mario upgrade, and the game’s difficulty melts away like ice in a firestorm. It’s a blast to float above the fray and rain fireballs down on unsuspecting goofs, making every level a spectacle of chaos and hilarity.

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    Infinite Lives: Outlasting the Goombas

    Isn’t it the worst when you miss a jump and plummet into a bottomless pit? Say goodbye to that frustration with the Infinite Lives code! While it won’t stop you from falling to your doom, it ensures you won’t be greeted by the dreaded “Game Over” screen anytime soon. This code is more of a safety net—a nice little buffer for those occasional slip-ups and mistimed jumps.

    Imagine going through each level without counting your remaining lives like an anxious accountant. You can take risks you’d normally avoid, knowing that a misstep won’t mean the end of your run. Simply put, Infinite Lives gives you the freedom to be as reckless as you want. Who needs to play it safe when there’s no real penalty for dying?

    The cherry on top? It pairs phenomenally with the Moon Jump. As you float through levels, occasionally miscalculating your jumps and plummeting into pits becomes more of a minor inconvenience rather than a heart-stopping tragedy. Laugh off your mistakes and get back to unleashing chaos as if you’d never failed in the first place. The result? Endless hours of stress-free gameplay!

    Mario with a feather in his cap shooting a fireball to the left.

    Fire and Bunny Power: Unmatched in the Last Level

    Think running around as Fire Mario or Bunny Mario is impressive? Now imagine staying in those powerful forms even after getting hit. That’s precisely what the “Stay as Fire or Bunny Mario when hit” code achieves. It’s like having an invincibility cheat tailored specifically for the game’s most intense, nail-biting finale.

    As you approach the last levels where things heat up faster than a pizza oven, you’ll appreciate this code more than ever. Enemy attacks and environmental hazards lose their edge when you know you won’t lose your treasured power-up. It’s like having a cheat that emotionally supports you through the game’s most stressful moments, making sure your fireballs and high jumps are always ready for action.

    Combining Moon Jump with remaining as Fire or Bunny Mario when hit turns the final stages into a cakewalk. You’ll mock the spikes that once seemed so threatening and laugh in the face of enemies that previously gave you nightmares. This code ensures that nothing stands in your way as you chase those 6 Golden Coins, making Mario practically unstoppable and the game endlessly amusing.

    Super Mario Land 2 6 Golden Coins title screen

    Bonus Codes: Extra Fun in Super Mario Land 2

    For those who love discovering every hidden gem in “Super Mario Land 2: The 6 Golden Coins,” these bonus Game Genie codes are the icing on the cake. These codes are not only about power-ups but also bringing a whole new layer of excitement to the game. Let’s dive into these lesser-known yet equally entertaining cheats that can make your gameplay experience even more thrilling!

    First up on our list is the Always Have Fireballs code. Imagine running through every level with the constant ability to shoot fireballs, regardless of your power-up status. This cheat transforms Mario into an unstoppable pyromaniac, letting you scorch through Goombas and Koopas without a second thought. It adds a layer of sheer fun and destructive capability that can turn even the most mundane enemies into a satisfying blaze.

    Next, we’ve got the Complete Invincibility code. This one’s a showstopper, providing Mario with undying invulnerability. You won’t just brush off enemy attacks—you won’t even feel them. While this code takes up three code lines and is challenging to use on original hardware (thanks to the Game Boy Game Genie’s limitation of only having 3 lines), it’s perfect for those using emulators or devices like the Mister that don’t have such constraints. With this cheat activated, cruisin’ through the toughest levels becomes a leisurely stroll through a sunny park—except with Goombas and Koopas utterly oblivious to your godlike invincibility.


    USA, Europe:

    Moon Jump – TOP CODE AWARD

    Stay as Fire or Bunny Mario when hit – TOP CODE AWARD

    Mushroom turns you into Fire Mario

    Infinite Lives

    Always have fireballs – Bonus code

    Complete Invincibility – Bonus code

    Rev A USA, Europe

    Moon Jump

    Rev B USA, Europe

    Moon Jump – TOP CODE AWARD

    Stay Fire or Bunny Mario when hit – TOP CODE AWARD

    Mushroom turns you into Fire Mario

    Infinite Lives

    Always have fireballs – Bonus code

    Complete Invincibility – Bonus code


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